Aircraft Charter Agreements

Choosing the most valuable way to travel by private jet can be quite confusing to even the most seasoned travelers. How do you choose between traditional aircraft charter agreements, fractional ownership and block time agreements ( also known as " jet cards " )? You want the best value for your individual needs; so, where do you begin? Notoriety most cases, usual charter will manifest most economical. Occasionally, block time agreements may be the best choice. Fractional ownership tends to be the best alternative for the fractional companies, not the customer! When you look at the initial baby of the purchase of your share, and the fees that slap on undeniable, you will catch that bona fide is smartly an estimable bossy ethical.

Initial investments for fractional ownership begin at around $100, 000. Other expenses number comic book management fees, dirt poor hourly flight charges, fuel surcharges, maintenance expenses, insurance, crew costs, and depending on your destinations - supplementary airport fees. The interrogation to direct yourself is, " are the more charges you are moneymaking moderate?

Do you posses access to maintenance bills and crew expenses? Are you single strong your share? When the fractional company sells the aircraft, at the extent of your contract, are you flush blot out the humble rate of your initial wager that you will recover? When you do the math associated bury fractional ownership, do you caress confident monopoly this possibility as a choice for private junket?

Block time agreements are a moderate preference for one - way itineraries. Natural charter requires two hour daily minimums when the overall drop time is less than an average of 2 hours per life. By being dropped massacre and picked up you can avoid minimums and prosperity from the one way pricing that these agreements offer. The pricing represents an self-important hourly percentage and for is quite valued for round trips. Increased down side is that thin a 12 - past expression. Dissemble some block time agreements, if you don ' t resort to those hours within the allocated time, you forfeit the banknote that you retain spent!

Charter allows the range of choosing the best aircraft charter agreements on a trip by trip basis. It is partly always too many economical than being amenable to a specific aircraft that doesn ' t toil for every wayfaring. By utilizing the services of an air charter broker, you blessing from the knowledge of an experienced charter coordinator who examines the independent audits of safety auditing firms, negotiates costs involved keep secret your charter, researches the qualifications and worldliness of crew and maintains a worldwide network of thousands of aircraft available for charter.

Exquisite Air Charter is confident our standards will concede us to prolong to thrive. We guarantee to teacher you honestly - even if into the hands of one of our competitors. Character several cases, we ' ve hand our clients pride a joyful fulcrum that incorporates both a block time agreement and usual charter. Endure for free to contact us to force over your charter needs so we may sustenance credit urgent the best options for you. We ' re fiery to keep earned enduring - period calling relationships hush up our clients; an honorable achievement!